How We Serve Our Clients

Impact Growth Partners manages and streamlines the process of attaining B Corp Certification. As a result, businesses align their governance, communications, operations, goals, and production with their principles. Businesses are left with a profoundly enhanced capacity to do good.


IGP delivers an integrated approach to benchmarking social and environmental performance. We use the B Impact Assessment, nonprofit certifying body B Lab’s online tool, for measuring and managing companies’ positive impact on all stakeholders including employees, community, and the environment. Clients are left with a deeper understanding of their current social and environmental impact, and practical opportunities to increase the good they do.


IGP aids clients in attaining B Corp Certification. We bring customized tools and deep experience with the assessment process and requirements for certification to help our clients efficiently meet the goal of certification.


How can you use every tool available to be the best in your class? We work with clients to create measurable goals for improving businesses’ impact into the future. We work with all stakeholders, including employees, Board, suppliers, and community, to become champions of companies’ mission and values. Clients realize the possibility of being the kind of business that continues to grow and expand its environmental and social impact in concrete, measurable ways into the future.

Partnering with IGP

IGP works with clients in stages, beginning with an initial call to establish needs; followed by developing a customized strategy to complete the B Impact Assessment efficiently and effectively. Our deep knowledge of the assessment and robust benchmarking and tracking tools enable management to maintain focus on the core business operations through the assessment and certification process.

Interested in learning more about B Corps and how IGP can deepen your environmental and social impact? Contact us to set up a brief 20-minute capabilities call.

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